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Firm wins $2 million jury verdict

The Daily Southtown is reporting that a federal jury returned a verdict of at least $2 million in favor of Gair Eberhard Nelson Dedinas’ client, a south suburban doctor, who was cheated by a former business partner out of hundreds of thousands of dollars over a period of years.

After an eight day trial, the jury found in favor of our client on every count, finding that he had been defrauded, and that the managing partner of the medical practice had breached his fiduciary duties, as well as breaching our client’s employment contract with the business. Key to the case was Chris Gair exposing that the medical practice’s managing partner, Martin Hall, lied repeatedly on the witness stand, just as he had to his business partners, to siphon their profits into his own pocket.

Certain legal claims remain outstanding, and will be decided by the court in the coming months, and could add hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional damages.

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